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About Us:

Established in March 2021, PA Voters United has been created to address the election irregularities occurring in the state for decades. In order to address these reoccurring election issues, public support is required. The 2020 election cycle was littered with a myriad of voter and election issues. These issues were generated by our State government whose leadership failed to ensure a safe and secure election. As a result of the intentional deception created by State leaders, nearly one-third of all Pennsylvania voters still doubt the 2020 election process and results.

The 2020 election debacle caused Pennsylvanians to have little faith or confidence in any future elections. Our most sacred right is the claim to a free and fair election. Unless integrity returns to our voting and election processes, the will of the people will be ignored by elected leaders. The time has come to UNITE! Restore the power of our vote to its rightful place, We the People.

We are a non-profit, non-partisan, pro-active organization that is dedicated to educating and mobilizing Pennsylvanians in order to rectify our election laws. The goal of PA Voters United is two-fold: first, to achieve critical changes in PA election law by mobilizing our members who will lobby key lawmakers and second, to ensure that those who violate the laws are convicted and punished accordingly regardless of position.

Our Mission:

The mission of PA Voters United Inc. is to affect strong election legislation and enforcement in order to restore voter confidence in the election process in the state of Pennsylvania.