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Training Overview

We are in the process of developing training programs that will help you take control of election security at your local voting precinct by filling specific Election Day Poll Worker jobs or Political Party jobs.

It is helpful to know that each precinct has at least 5 Election Day workers who are responsible for managing the voting process for that specific precinct, in an honest and fair manner. Further, there are anywhere from 100 to 300 precincts in each county in PA. So, a given county might field between 500 and 1500 Election Day Poll Workers, all of whom have been either elected or appointed.

If one party is participating in the process and the other is not, how likely is it that the precinct data is trustworthy?

For now, we invite you to begin looking at the various roles that you can fill (shown below) so you can get some idea as to which might be right for you.

Election Day Poll Worker Roles

Political Party Roles